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Saturday, February 15, 2014

Distinctive Voice Consulting Services

Distinctive Voice Consulting owner Kim Harris is the recipient of the 2020 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Community Building Award by the Bellingham Unity Committee

Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Bias Awareness Training & Consulting
Kimberly Harris, M.Ed.

The Distinctive Voice Consulting Mission: 
Educational training and consulting to increase cultural competency and awareness to promote diversity, equity and inclusion.

My signature is listening to each client’s distinct needs and crafting a custom solution to produce successful results.

What is equity, inclusion, bias-awareness and diversity training?

“Diversity training discusses all the ways that human beings are both similar and different,” according to Managing Diversity by Lee Gardenswartz and Anita Rowe.

What is bias awareness training?

Bias training raises a person’s awareness of attitudes or stereo-types that affect their understanding, actions and decisions in an unconscious manner.

Benefits of equity, inclusion, diversity and bias-awareness training include:

·         Helping to create a culture of appreciation for diversity and inclusion across cultures
·         Helping organizations make better decisions without bias or prejudice
·         Helping participants become aware of self-bias and prejudice
·         Nurturing a cross cultural leadership environment
·         Identifying negative prejudicial behaviors that can affect your organization
·         Increasing employee morale, performance, and engagement
·         Creating a culture of trust and respect
·         Decreasing conflicts and anxiety arising from a diverse environment
·         Enhancing employee and community relations

Some techniques and strategies used are:
·        Ice breakers
·        PowerPoint presentations
·        Experiential exercises
·        Case studies
·        Story telling
·        Dialogues and discussions
·        Questionnaires and surveys
·        Role play

·        Bias testing

About DVC and the Proprietor:

I started Distinctive Voice Consulting in 2014 with a purpose of training educational employees, communities, businesses and social service agencies about bias, diversity, equity and inclusion. I do so by facilitating conversations about race, class and gender using adult teaching theories in a non-judgmental, non-polarizing, gracious and affirming environment. My training ranges from beginning to advanced and are customized to suit the organization’s needs. 

I have a master’s degree in education from Western Washington University where I completed graduate courses in cultural pluralism and group dynamics. I have a bachelor’s degree from the University of California at Berkeley in Humanities. I am a multicultural person of color who was raised in the multicultural area of Los Angeles California where I lived in racially and economically diverse communities. I have a social justice background and am one of the founders of the Bellingham Racial Justice Coalition in 2015.

I have lived overseas and flew for an international airline. Living outside of the United States, working for the airlines and travelling the world gave me the training ground to observe, respect and appreciate diverse cultures, communities and societies. I also have several years of volunteer group training and facilitation from local businesses, community colleges and community groups. My multi-racial background, experience living overseas combined with graduate training in cultural pluralism and volunteer group facilitation enable me to use my gift of conversation facilitation to help people from various backgrounds learn from, understand, appreciate and respect each other's differences. To hear more about my workshops, background, and training philosophy check out the above posted Youtube interview on Bellingham Voices.

Past Clients:
Whatcom Transportation Authority
HKP Architects
Mahlum Architects
Ayers Saint Gross Architects
American Alpine Institute Staff
City of Lynden
Whatcom County Library Administration
Skagit Valley Community College
Whatcom Community College 
Whatcom Peace & Justice Center 
19,th 20th, & 21st Annual Martin Luther King, Jr. Human Rights Conferences
Bellingham Insight Meditation Society
Western Washington University
King County Bar Association
Bellingham School District 
Washington State Senior Guardians
HonorWorks (Whatcom County Educators)
Christ The King Community Church